Kind Words | Testimonials

“I met Ann when I first moved to Chicago in 1990 and needed a haircut and somehow found her. Truly, a great moment in my personal history, and in my hair’s history as well. She has been my friend, confidant, and the keeper of my hair ever since. Tell her what you want, and she will make it happen. “

– David Argentar

“Awesome styles by the best in Chicago! Whether it’s keeping your current ‘do or changing it up with a different cut, color, or wave — you are guaranteed to go away with a huge smile on your face (and probably humming a new tune).”

– Laurie Daubert Hollatz

“I came in with uneven growth that I was battling for some time and she was the first stylist who listened to my hair goals and attempted to correct my oddly uneven outgrowth with out chopping all my hair off and still giving me the cut I wanted.  Today when I got there I had decided I wanted to change it up a bit by going a little shorter in the back, without having told her what I was planning Ann had already told me she wanted to bring up the back slightly to blend the last section of my uneven hair back in. It felt great to know that my stylist was on the same page as me. I now feel comfortable going in without having to go into great detail as to what I want. I can simply tell Ann a basic description and know she will make it happen even better than I expected.”

– Cyndy K.

“I finally found a hairstylist that knows how to do a razor hair cut. Ann was great and I loved my haircut. She told me that her work was guaranteed and I could come back if I didn’t like it, but I absolutely loved my haircut.”

– Negin J.

“I recently moved here from Savannah, where I had a hairdresser whom I adored. Needless to say, I felt overwhelmed when I was going through the endless list of hair studios here in Chicago. My hair ended up looking beautiful. I have thick, curly hair, so it really takes a special touch to get a cut just right. I loved the cut and the color! Ann made it very clear, though, that if I did not like it, for any reason, I could always come back and she would fix it. She also gave me great instructions on how to blow dry my hair straight (no one has ever done this for me before). I also found the pricing to be fair.” 

– Rachel P.

“Being an Asian man with the typical jet black straight hair, I run into the danger of having the haircut I have turn into one of four looks the next day: The “Uni” – Japanese for sea urchin, where every hair sticks up like spiked ball (made commercially famous by Kevin Bacon in the movie ‘Footloose’) or The “Moe” – see Three Stooges, where the hair lays straight and looks like someone cut your hair by putting a bowl on your head and cutting the excess The “Jackie Chan” – See any of his movies from the 70s ONLY, like Drunken Master. It’s an Asian Dorothy Hamil/Bruce Jenner in the 70s on the Wheaties box look (look them up) The “CLONK” (Current Leader of North Korea) – you all know the look – shaved sides, tapered from the short top, makes a round face look even chubbier and pinchable, which causes you to overreact with a nuclear emotional option due to heightened sense of insecurity; definitely not good for scoring with the chicks – unless the chick’s family is in a work camp that you run – and would never allow you to be mistaken for George Clooney. Ever. After you wash it, you can NEVER style it back to what the stylist did.  As a stylist, Ann is a professional in cutting and styling Asian hair. She can shape the hair to look soft or allow a “convertible” professional look by day, club look by night.  Even with a long cut, you don’t get a Jackie Chan, unless you ask for it.  She matches your cut with the shape of your face, and in winter and summer, the cut changes due to the season. She can give you anything from an innovative contemporary look, to a clean, job interview look, with no hint of a recent trip with Dennis Rodman. The salon also provides the latest in hairstyling products which are a great alternative to your standard gel. I admit I have tried other stylists who claim to have experience with straight hair.  I have even had a haircut in an Asian country, and THERE I got a “Moe” and more recently, a “CLONK”.  She has been cutting my hair for 10+ years, and after every experiment, every “so what if they don’t speak english, they’re asian” cut recommendation, I always come back – hat on head – and beg for her hair salvation. I would have her on staff if I could.”

– Frankie J.

“Ann – I will follow her to the ends of the earth if I have to. She just moved over to Stranded and I couldn’t be happier for her. The salon itself is industrial chic with a comfortable neighborhood feel. Everyone is so genuine and nice! Ann is very talented and knowledgeable. I’ve seen her work magic for women (and men) with curly hair and thick hair. Everyone I send her way becomes a regular client. She’s just so good. I have strait thin hair and the way she cuts and colors it always makes it look so full and vibrant. She is very talented with complicated colors, styles, and the best blow out I’ve ever had. She can even do vintage hair styles! Ann is very patient, kind, and professional. Every time I leave her chair I get tons of compliments from strangers on the street, friends and family! I’ll never go to anyone else.”

– Wendy L.